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An Awakening


From Art to Engineering
Resting in Zen.

'A feeling of being back home, unconditional life as it is'

In 2003, Mark experienced what he later described as a 'shift'.  (this 'shift' can best be described as a move in how we see things,
how life appears to us on a day to day basis).
He explains it as an 'awakening', seeing life through new eyes.

It wasn't the first shift he'd experienced but this shift was the most significant & seemed to be pulling him in a totally new direction.
At the time, he was holding down an ordinary job, with an ordinary everyday life, a nice comfortable relationship & was certainly away from any form of spirituality or religious influences. Just your average guy.

Co-incidentally, at exactly the same time, Mark met a Zen master/coach called Kezapio. After a couple of meetings, Kezapio became curious about something that Mark was not really open to talk about, which was this 'shift'.
Eventually, Kezapio asked directly: what exactly is going on with you?
Mark somewhat cautiously explained & described what had happened in this shift & how it had left him with a completely new perspective & space.
A sort of un-conditional view point.
Some of this shifting was easy for him to describe, other parts of it seemed beyond any legible words. However, much to his amazement, Kezapio knew exactly what he had or was experiencing.
It was indeed a 'shift', much talked about, much searched for & intimately documented throughout history.


Unconditional view point
As it is, a direct experience

Kezapio explained the theory of what this shift was, also referred to as an awakening or enlightened viewpoint.
Whatever the label, it was radical, seeing life in a new perspective, a different dimension he reported.
Mark explained that it was something so profound yet so obvious, familiar, so intimate, so known, yet so far from the his usual every-day vision.
This 'shift' caused total confusionfor Mark, then surprise (at such simplicity), before finally drifting into an experience felt as pure gratitude, an un-resounding 'thank you'.
This shift has remained in place since, or as he puts it: a feeling of being 'back home' is always here, unconditional experience, life, as it is. Wonderfully simple, straight forward & extremely clear.
A very quiet mind.

Mark-Hans and Kezapio studyingchapel

Coaching & Training.

It transpired that Kezapio, (a Sôtô Zen trained master) had an extensive knowledge of world religions & the teachings of Advaita Vedanta & Zen.
He had studied in the USA for 14 years & also had his Masters in World Religion. Obviously an outstanding man who really knew his subject. It was because of this background that Mark took Kezapio seriously & not as some sort of spiritual junkie.
Mark, being an extremely 'grounded' sort of man, didn't take this 'shift' lightly. As said, he reported it as radical. Kezapio knew exactly 'what was what' & what it all meant.
Some months later when Mark had settled down, Kezapio suggested that he train Mark full time as a Life Coach.
This, in order to give him a thorough background knowledge of the world religions, how enlightenment is the foundations stone, & to introduce him to spirituality.
Mark however was somewhat cautious, but curious at the same time. These co-incidental happens were too bizarre to be ignored, so he agreed to the idea.
Subsequently, Mark gave up his job, his relationship, sold his house & then, over the next four years, the two of them did indeed study together full time.
The study enabled Mark to know more about what he had seen & experienced, & to learn all about subjects he had absolutely no idea about before 2003.


From Shamanism to Islam
From Shinto to Christianity

Their studies took them all over the world to places like Sri Lanka, India, the Middle East, the whole of Europe, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Brazil, Australia, the USA, Korea & Japan.
All of these locations gave Mark a much broader understanding of cultures, religions & the many styles of teachings.
Mark was personally introduced to some of the world's most prominent spiritual teachers, such as Tony Parsons, Adyashanti, The Dalai Lama, Ramesh Balsekar, Isaac Shapiro, Gangaji, Mooji, Tich Nhat Hanh & many others.
Kezapio had access to many of these great names because of his own qualifications & knowledge. It was a gift that could not be ignored.

Dogen Zenji

Power of Touch.

During the same period, Mark started to developed his ability to heal, using touch therapy & energy transmissions.
This wasn't entirely new to Mark, as his father was also a healer, although his expertise's was working in Horticulture.
Mark started to work more & more intensively with people developing this skill & putting it to work. This skill would eventually take Mark to Kyoto, the home of Reiki in Japan where he would finish his training.

Saying Goodbye to Kezapio.

In August 2008, both teacher & pupil were in Japan, at the temple of Eihei-ji (the home of Dogen Zenji, Sôtô sect of Buddhism).
It was there that Kezapio announced that he had gone as far as he could teaching Mark & at this historic location was going to say goodbye.
He had just one thing left to do: Mark received full transmission from Kezapio & was given the name Kôhô after receiving his new Zen robes (a typical Zen Master/Pupil ceremony).
During the ceremony Mark (Kôhô) gave his first talk in the main dharma hall of this historic & legendary location, bid his grace to his teacher & the two men parted company.
Kezapio returned to the monastery where he lives today.

Reiki & Adyashanti.

After returning from Japan, Mark took himself off to California to personally meet Adyashanti, one of today's master spiritual guides.
It was Mark's first endeavour away from the guiding hand of Kezapio. He was faced with a new situation, being totally alone. The experience was enlightening so Mark reports.
Adyashanti proved to be a huge inspirational guide to Mark, it was under his guidance that Mark completed his studies.
From there he went to India teaching & later returned to Amsterdam.
Mark spent 2009 studying Reiki & finally qualified under two different schools.


Mark lives in central Amsterdam & travels extensively.
Both for Life Coaching, Reiki & adventure. 
He dedicates his entire life to his work with great joy & happiness. 

verything and everyone is a teaching, this is the gift.
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