Perfect Pitch finding your ground tone

Health & Happines

The way you experience life

Health is an expression of your life.
Your life is expressed through your health!
Are both in balance, mentally & physically?

Bringing body and mind back into balance will chance your life:
The way you experience life
The way life is experienced through you.



That's where we start, that's where we finish.
Massage brings the body back into relaxation,
but that is only half the work.
Mind/Energy/Reiki is the final step which completes the task.
Try it, be it, enjoy it. It's great.


What can this do for me?

A small investment in yourself
will be a huge investment in the happiness of your future.

Treat yourself to something really special.
After a session here, you'll feel fantastic or you can have the session for free!
I know my work, you'll love the attention, it's as simple as that.

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Massage & Balancing

From Massage to Life Coaching, from Reiki to Craniosacral therapy, help is at hand.
Treat yourself to a relaxation session & see how you feel afterwards.
Chances are that the question asked will be answered very easily.

Stress & Chronic Relief
Ground Tone, Sensual, Tantric & Ayurvedic massage's
Professional Life Coaching & stress management
Sexual Coaching
Reiki sessions and Reiki courses, massage and healing by a fully qualified and accredited Reiki Master


Price List 2015

Life Coaching session, Introduction


Life Coaching session/counseling
0 mins

Life Coaching & Reiki
60 mins


Poster Reiki Intensive 2009


Final results for you

Freedom, openness, willingness, unconditional viewpoint, deep gratitude & a sense of happiness that isnt temporary or transitory, but permanent.
To have eyes you never saw with, ears you never heard with & a mind that does what it is supposed to do, support you.

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