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Cho Ku Rei

Cho Ku Rei by Mark Hans


This is the Power Symbol.
It can be used in single form, or in double form, back to back.
The tail coming from the left is receiving, to the right is giving.
The centre point is the power centre!
I like to use both together to keep a Yin-Yan balance.

The symbol can also be used in singular form to give 'more' power to the other symbols.
So if you are using another symbol for an intensive treatment, using the Choku Rei
directly after the use, literally boosts the energy.
Some also use the symbol for cleaning spaces, but again this is intention & not a fixed rule. I am particularly fond of using Choku Rei in conjunction with the Raku symbol to enhance the laser cutting ede of Raku.
Used across the 33 vertebra & split at the neck into a double Choku Rei has great results which every client's reports as 'energising.

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These Reiki Symbols have been produced for Mark by South African artist, Anthony Evans.
These symbols are available for sale in print or canvas format.
If you'd like to purchase one, or indeed a full set, feel free to send Mark an enquiry. Symbols are supplied in various sizes and are all stamped (signed) by the original artist, Anthony Evans. The full set is on view in Mark's Reiki studio in Amsterdam.


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