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For those of you who are interested in the 'true art' of Reiki, here is an invitation.
I have to say right in the beginning that what you are going to read about here & maybe experience is practically unknown in European & US Reiki circles for one simple fact; it has never been properly taught & experienced.
So open yourself up for something quite special.

The Reiki courses that I offer students are 'different'.
Maybe you have heard of 1 day, 2 day, or even weekend courses offered in Reiki One, Two & finally masters. But what I teach is a course that lasts three years!
Let me be clear, there is absolutely no fast track to being a 'real' Reiki Master.
This course is thorough, deep & very very beautiful.

Here's the plot: The Three Years Method.

Reiki One

is about knowing who you are, who you are not, meditation, self awareness, self enquiry & self balancing.
Reiki One dives deeply into your own being, looking at subjects like shadow personality, programming & conditioning.
The course is spread over 8 x 2 hour training sessions.You will receive one on one tuition, guidance, life coaching & a whole series of personal Reiki healing sessions hands on.
Over this period you will experience a life changing view point; how you view yourself, how you view others, how you are in relationship with life & how life is in relationship with you.

The first part of the course lasts approximately 4 months.
After completion, you spend the next 8 months maintaining this practice until you have re-settled into your new life viewpoint.
You return for two final sessions & then are invited for your attunement ceremony:
Reiki One certification.

Reiki Hands 1Reiki Hands 2Reiki Hands 3

Reiki Two

Again, based on 8 sessions, we start by running over Reiki One & then start to unfold the history of Reiki practices.
In the early sessions you will be introduced to the symbols that are used in the practice. One symbol per session.
Using meditation, drawing & practice you will become intimate with all of them. Further more we use 'live' people on the table here so you can practice your new skills for real.
Not only drawing symbols & learning how to use them but also learning skills such as energy transmissions, breathing techniques, heart energy control, chakra balancing & so on.

Finally again using 'live' people, you learn the art of Reiki massage, hands on.
These sessions are very beautiful, deep & meaningful.

Again, Reiki Two lasts approximately 4 months, then follows an 8 month settling period.
At the end of it you then return for two more sessions before being invited to your attunement ceremony:
Reiki 2 certification.

Reiki Masters

Exactly the same format as Reiki 1 & 2.
The course starts with a refreshing of Reiki 1 & 2 before we go into the masters course.
Those who have attained to this level continue on with 'live' practice, now working in a group of two or three people.

Students deepen the experience of energy transmissions, learning to prepare space, carry out healing work to a more specific level. Distance attunement (healing), further breathing practices & preparing themselves for intuitive knowledge potential.

Students learn how to attune others, set up ritual practices & get advise on setting up their own practice after qualification.
At the end of the course, you then spend the next 8 months maintaining this practice.
Returning for two final session before finally qualifying for "Reiki Master' certification.

So after completing 3 years, you qualify as a true 'Reiki Master' of the finest quality & clarity that one can attain.

Reiki Room 1Reiki Room 2

Reiki Re-Masters

These are one day courses offered for smaller groups of people who are curious to know about Traditional Reiki.
We call it Re-Masters because many have done commercial Reiki 1, 2, & Masters, but perhaps have lost or indeed never found the core energy.
Or for those who want to know more about the deeper levels of Reiki which is being offered here.
Many express that there always seems to be something missing.
These one day courses introduce you to the missing link!

In these one day courses, we cover all aspects of the art using a live person to practice on. All aspects of 'Life Reiki' are covered.
So from Reiki One right through to Masters.
The course starts in the morning with meditation, group questions & answers before setting on the journey through the traditions. We look again at the Reiki principals, the traditional Reiki symbols & delve deeply into the 'missing link'. Which is all about energy transmission, breathing techniques & attunement.

Everyone gets a change to talk, to ask questions, to practice & most of all to enjoy the gift that is in their hands.
Even those who have never studied or come across Reiki are invited. Included in these workshops is lunch and supper.

A 'keep it simple' structure to costs:
All Reiki courses have exactly the same price.
Each level costs €650 for the 10 sessions
Attunement for each level costs €250

One day Reiki courses cost €75
including lunch & supper.

Concessions for registered students.

For further info, availability and subcriptions:
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