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'Just This' is the road to peace


Have a good look...

Take a moment and have a good look around yourself.
There’s one factor here, there is only one reality happening; 'This'.
The reason you are here, reading this, is unimportant. It is life happening, because it is the only place that you can be, right now.
Even though reality is right here & even though there is literally nothing  but reality, most people completely miss this moment in its purest form. By miss it I mean to not be in tune with it. To imagine that reality is something or somewhere other than this here.
You might find it a strange idea, but most people see, but do not see, hear, but do not hear, feel, but do not feel & so on.

Our perceptions are only seen through our ideas, opinions, programming & finally conditioning.
They are in fact, far away from any pure reality.


Keeping with this theme, our imagination is a very powerful force in determining what we perceive & how we perceive it.
How many people do you know who seem to
see life as negative.
Maybe this is you too:  'we live in a bad world'
There are those who see the world as
essentially good: 'life is OK'

What is interesting here is that we are all looking at the same world; good, bad or indifferent, name it as you will.
Still, it is all the same.

  ParvatiMark-Hans, Perfect Pitch WaterfallKrishna

Actually the world is not good or bad, it is simply what it is. Life evolving in its millions of shapes, sizes, ideas & concepts. From individual you to an apparent world view. 
Which ever way you see life, your world, it is masked by what you imagine & therefore is not seen for what it actually is.
As said: we only see what we imagine life to be. We create our own reality.

Just look..

So lets take this concept & apply it to everything & everyone.
Have a look at yourself in this idea. Take a good look at yourself for maybe a couple of minutes, an hour, a day or even a week! Look at your world without any judgement, opinion or ideas about what it should be or should not be.
Just look..
Quietly, i.e. no comment.

Many people have told me this idea is impossible, raising feelings of fear within them. Questions arise; what would be left of me?
Go beyond that fear & just try it. The fear may well subside into a feeling of discovery, opening, or even a thrill. But whichever way you go, the important thing is to develop some detachment from the habitual way your mind sees things through it’s own ideas & projections.
Interestingly, even though our mind creates 'our' world & everything within it to be other than the way it actually is, the reality of the whole story remains untouched by our misconceptions of it.
You could say this is relatively good & bad at the same time. On the one side, existence is what it is, so there is actually no need to worry about it.
But the difficult side is to accept that as wonderfully perfect as the world is, it does appear to be on a constant collision course! It is that constant collision that causes so many people suffering.
Because there is a total lack of acceptance & a constant feeling that; 'it should & can be different'.

A deeper understanding would show that this is not the case & wanting things different is the source of our everyday suffering.


So here’s the mind teaser.
We appear trapped within our illusions & misconceptions.
One could say that this is the greatest illusion of all, but in fact, you are always free once you realise that the trap is in fact your own creation.
We create our own prison in which we live.
Through resistance; I don’t like this, I don’t want that, I think this, I think that.
A lot of I & me, a lot of judgements & options!

Because of this factor we struggle. The result is that this struggle is illusion anyway. Helpless? Yes & no.

Through self enquiry a very strange yet wonderful experience can occur at exactly at the point where you realise this paradox.
As you can’t think your way out of this situation, or can’t seem to escape this imaginary world of your illusion, you simply surrender your eternal struggle & effectively give it up. You admit & surrender to being bound by life's strange & cunning imaginations while at the same time know deeply that is in fact an illusion.
What is being pointed to here is a total surrender that you have 'no control' anyway

Life simply is.
You give up the struggle & surrender into it with full & unconditional being.
You realise on a ground tone level that you are not having a life experience, but life is having an experience called you.
In other words, you are simply playing a role, one role of seven billion roles, all effectively one.

An amazing game

Once that struggle stops, we realise that the power of our mind cannot hold us prisoner anymore, because that prison was never real anyway.
Just a construct.
We realise that we are blind because we are always fighting ghosts & phantoms.
We find back the one thing needed that our minds could never master; the genuine surrender of all resistance.
Living unconditionally.
Pure being.

Within a moment of this deep realisation, we are no longer confined within our own illusions, nor do we attempt of avoid it.
This is a state of acceptance of 'what is', as it is.

The distortion ceases & we can finally see truth.
Everywhere you look we see the endless diversity of life evolving, some beautiful, some not so beautiful, (apparently). But still rich & full in every way.
To finish with; let us not forget that 'you' are reflected in every other human being, in every other object, within absolutely everything.
From the tiniest object to our human form.
You are in it all, not separate from it.

Separation is simply a mind concept (again).
When you talk to your friends, partner, family or simply a stranger in the street, you are but talking to yourself in a different body/mind.
They are you & you are them.
That’s a big step in understanding, but once seen, all other illusions fail to grip your attention.

Life is an amazing game but you need to understand it on this level to really enjoy it.


Mark Hans,
Amsterdam, 4-11-2011

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