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The Reiki Symbols

I've pondered over writing this page for some time, whether to talk about the history of the symbols, to give some sort of explanation, or to simply give you 'my' experience & some history behind this.
So I've opted for the latter, to tell you what they mean for me, as I am the one who is using them on a daily basis.

Cynical History & Sobriety

You'll find me surprisingly earthy. Feet on the ground, keep it simple, cut the crap.
I've always been like that, I still am today.
Nothing really changed over the years, maybe just some sort of focus. It is that focus that I share with everyone, for it is not mine, it belongs to us all, universally.
I am cynical of anything that is 'beyond' reasonable understanding, or such subjects that are shrouded in secrecy & or drugs.
If it isn't transparent, it isn't honest & thus probably not true. Drugs induced experiences leave me cold. Sobriety is the key to honesty!
Let's start this section working on that basis. History has produced a host of myths & magic that today we have the choice to steer away from.
Having studied Shamanism on South America for example, I left a true sceptic.

Cloud People

I got introduced to the term 'Cloud People' a while ago.
It stirred me up, the term, the idea.
Floatey spiritual people seeking a God (or the Buddha), yet always missing the point.
People sitting in circles with a Guru, all very 60's & Indian.
I suppose there is nothing wrong with it, but there is nothing right with it either. A sort of prolonged game. Too many rich Ashrams, Golden temples & magic carpets.
My direction is for the 'here & now'. Enlightenment at home, in Amsterdam for example, not in some temple in the Himalayas, nice as the experience can be.
Of course in my 6 years of training, I've been there. But true awakening is always here, amongst your family, friends, loved ones & those that challenge you (apparently).


Introduction to Reiki; True or False?

My first experience of Reiki was in India, long before my time in Kyoto.
There was a local Ashram charging ludicrous amounts of money for Reiki Training.
An Indian organisation (headed by an American) made SO much money, they actually built a temple which was coated
in Gold Leaf.
Students left the complex after 2 weeks bewildered & brain washed clutching
their Reiki 1 & 2 certificates. India has a way of doing those things to people.
Waving their hands around, muttering names which couldn't be understood,
the whole thing was a huge scam...
I was totally un-impressed.

On returning to Europe, I also heard of
all sorts of 'get it quick' Reiki.
Again for a large sum of money.
This rather spoiled the name 'Reiki' for me so I didn't really give it a further thought.
I went on looking further.
Healing hands, gentle touch


Different Strokes, Same Folks

During my years of training under Kezapio, I developed a knack for healing with my hands. Where ever I seemed to go, people were always asking me to give them hands on transmissions which made them feel much better, would cure all sorts of ailments & was generally extremely well received.
I used to call it Tantric Transformation Therapy, or TTT for short. I practiced it all over the place, wherever I was in fact.
It became so popular at one point that it started to feel 'un-real'. So I took a step back.
It was a year later that a very old lady was talking to me & asked me whether I was a Reiki Master with 'those hands'.
I laughed & said, good gracious, oh no way. She stared back at me with those deep knowing eyes & said: 'Young man, such power & traditional depth is no laughing matter.
We may live in an age when much purity is lost, but that doesn't mean lost forever.
Use what you are granted with & go to work. Reiki is in your heart, I know a true master when I meet one!'

Back to More School

Duly told off for my flippancy, I sought the grounds of 'Traditional Reiki'.
So Japan it had to be, Kyoto.
What was fascinating is that all the transmission's I'd been doing over the years were exactly the same as the traditional Reiki transmissions coming out of Ushi,s school in Kyoto. Yet I had never read or understood anything about Reiki, never.
Suddenly there I was in a totally familiar territory, totally at home.
Back in School I had to learn about Japanese disciplines, traditions & the symbols which are used in the practice.
B ut the principal foundations were already years in place. It truly was enlightening.

Drunk & Dazed

There remains many arguments as to whether Ushui, the founder of Modern Reiki, ever used the symbols in his healing. Or whether he just used the symbols when teaching his students. Does it matter?
When I was first introduced to them, they were just squiggles, all be it beautiful ones.
No meaning to me at all, yet over time, as I started to study them, draw them, look at them, meditate on their names, something shifted.
I became totally drunk from them, almost dazed as they started to come alive.
Something deep inside of me understood.
When I finally attained to my attunement (ceremony) such was the power of the whole experience that I didn't sleep for 3 days.
I was totally drunk on them. They were born into me you could say.
Now remember, I'm the guy who claims to be 'cut the crap, feet on the ground'.
So what I am reporting was as weird to me as it might be read. If that is the case, so it is. The truth is, they work!

Cutting Edge

Since my return from Japan & more recently the USA, I have been practicing with the symbols on a daily basis.
Best explained as symbolic instruments of 'intention', they enhance any work that I am doing on an individual. I use them like cutting knives at times & like feather dusters at others. It all depends on what my intension is.
The results from them is as far as I am concerned, beyond any reasonable doubt.
They work perfectly with me, they work perfectly on my clients, students & the like.

Today, Two Are Destined As One

Today, I am a practicing full time as a Reiki Master, coach & healer.
My intention is to bring the power of energy healing alongside the practice of medicine,
so both can work hand in hand.
A quiet mind, a healthy body & a balanced energy field all work to compliment each other. They are destined to be one.
Currently there are projects in the pipeline to join powers with the medical organisations in the Netherlands dealing with cancer & HIV & in the UK with the School of Energy Healing. Similar projects are going on around the world.

Studio Artwork

In my studio, I have a set of five symbols, drawn on large canvasses which surround my work bench.
They are beautiful, drawn by the South African artist Anthony Evans, & they add something very special to my working environment.
For my visitors, they are a constant source of curiosity, especially when I am drawing them on their body's. Needless to say, they are very much alive.


If you are suffering in any way or form, open yourself up to the potential of Reiki Healing. A tradition of thousands of years, it could change your life & your circumstance.
You are invited to make an appointment & find out for yourself.
Two hours could change your entire life.
As said, you've been invited, the results will amaze you as it has done many who have come before you.


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