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Raku by Mark Hans


Originally Raku is the symbol of the cutting edge.
I use the modern word 'laser'.
A knife (even a Japanese one) is blunt by comparison, such is the power of this symbol.

Throughout the teachings of Reiki there are 'warnings' about this tool, but in fact it is pretty harmless, as is Reiki in general.
Never in history has there been a case of Reiki abuse & I haven't ever tried to cut someone's heart in half! (yet). I use it rather like a can opener, where energy simply is not flowing naturally through the body.
When working on people with back troubles, I use the Raku to open up the energy channels along with the double Choku Rei.
The results are remarkable.

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These Reiki Symbols have been produced for Mark by South African artist, Anthony Evans.
These symbols are available for sale in print or canvas format.
If you'd like to purchase one, or indeed a full set, feel free to send Mark an enquiry. Symbols are supplied in various sizes and are all stamped (signed) by the original artist, Anthony Evans. The full set is on view in Mark's Reiki studio in Amsterdam.


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