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Dai Koo Myo

Dai Koo Myo by Mark Hans


The final symbol in this series is Dai Koo Myo.
In principal it is the 'master' signature symbol, much shrouded in secrecy.
Really a bit of a nonsense, because in the wrong hands or rather 'unqualified' hands it is nothing more than a beautiful lithograph. Only in the right hands has it got power.
In fact, it has more power than all the symbols put together & is thus used as the finishing point in healing work & in initiating students into Reiki levels 1,2 & 3.

To use it you need years of experience & time in Kyoto!
Anything less is not true Reiki, even if the intention is good.
So if you fancy yourself as a true master, you'll have to go to Japan.
Dai Ko Myo means 'Great Shining Light', but to me it means 'job done'.
It is the greatest symbol. When I utter the words: Dai Ko Myo, Dai Ko Myo, Dai Ko Myo,
I know I am finished.

The last words to pass my lips is then: Namaste.

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These Reiki Symbols have been produced for Mark by South African artist, Anthony Evans.
These symbols are available for sale in print or canvas format.
If you'd like to purchase one, or indeed a full set, feel free to send Mark an enquiry. Symbols are supplied in various sizes and are all stamped (signed) by the original artist, Anthony Evans. The full set is on view in Mark's Reiki studio in Amsterdam.


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