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Background & Coaching


Life Coach & Reiki Master

Since recently, Mark is a full time Life Coach & Reiki Master.
From 2003 onwards to 2008 he has been in
training, principally under the guidance of his personal coach Kezapio.
He has completed his qualifications & founded his practice: Perfect Pitch


What is Perfect Pitch?

Perfect Pitch is a musical term where two tones meet each other in harmony.
So perfect is that meeting, that both tones actually cancel each other out.
All that remains is pure silence.

In the same way Mark describes the relationship between body & mind, heart & soul (=energy). Living from a transcended viewpoint gives
exactly the same balance of harmony.
Seeing life for what it is & not for what the thinking mind makes of it.

Mark-Hans, Reik Master

Life Coaching & Point of View

As a Life Coach, Mark's objective is working with people who find themselves out of balance for a variety of reasons. This can be stress related, family issues, sexual issues, jealousy, envy, anger, destructive issues, self opinion issues & so on.
The list is extensive & there are many combinations that can add to problems.
His initial objective is to look at the mind, its programming, influenced by culture, creed, sexuality, education etc & to see how it has been moulded by the life that surrounds it. He reminds us that lives are driven by opinions, programming & conditioning. He reports that we are nothing more than human computers, all programmed & conditioned according to our circumstances.
Finally, he tells that neither one person or another is superior, inferior, right or wrong, it is all just a matter of view point. As a race, we are all completely equal, everyone.

This transcended viewpoint is away from any idea, belief system or religious background. In the same way as nature reflects herself in all aspects of our world, it is also reflected through our humanness.
Mark is totally free from all such belief systems or viewpoints. He has an ever open & inviting personality that allows for all, un-conditionally.

Personal Approach

Mark Hans is available on an individual basis for Life Coaching, massage,
Reiki sessions and courses.
Either short and intensive or for a more regular and long-term approach,
Mark Hans can advise you according to your personal wishes and needs.

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