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What it is...

Going deeply into the human construct, what is found is that programming & conditioning of the mind has a huge impact on the body.
Our opinions & belief structures, pleasure & pain, acceptance or resistance are all held within our bodies.
Our bodies are the storage centres for the mind. This is where the whole idea of energy centres (chakras) is born from.
Many may be aware that there are 7 principal areas of energy within us, starting from the top: Crown, Intuition, Communication, Heart, Emotional, Power & finally Grounding.
All of these centres need to be in harmony, in Perfect Pitch. With guidance or coaching the mind is quieter, followed by the next task, to balance the energy within the body.
This is where Reiki is used. The following sections deal with typical treatments.

It all starts here!

Every session starts with discussions. A chance for you to simply talk & ask questions.
Everything & anything, no matter.
This gives Mark a chance to see 'life' from your viewpoint.
During the session, attention is drawn to programming & conditioning, mind over matter, breathing & background knowledge. At the same time Mark gives a series of simple exercises to enable you to deeply relax.
This session usually takes about two hours & is the ground tone for the rest of the following work


Meditation & Reiki

With the mind quiet through simple methods of meditation, the 7 energy area's of the body in balance, the next stage is Reiki Healing.
This technique comes straight from the Master's hands onto or into the various areas of the body. Mark refers to this as balancing, or again, Perfect Pitch.
He talks about it as an 'opening up' of all the energetic channels within your body. Through guided meditation, deep relaxation & Reiki Healing, the very objects that pull the body out of balance disappear & the body quickly returns to its natural state.

What can this do for me?

'To know your mind is to transcend your mind', that's Mark's principal quote.
Once you fully understand your own mind, that 'you' are not your mind but something much bigger, far beyond that thinking machine, then a whole new avenue of attention & realisation opens up.
Mark is a master at showing you how your programming & conditioning is affecting everything in your life & in that seeing, something new opens up.
The transcended viewpoint comes into perspective.


Example discussions:

  • why we struggle
  • going with the flow
  • activism in non activism
  • resistance & what it does to you
  • living awareness
  • seeing what is happening
  • ability to just say Yes!
  • keep it simple
  • to know, all there is, is this
  • you are as strong as the weakest link
  • being content with content
  • self enquiry, the honest viewpoint
  • discipline & how it enhances your life
  • you are already complete
    ...& many more interesting topics.

Example of Therapy:

  • Chakra balancing
  • Meditation practices
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Awareness Techniques
  • Stretching (Yoga)
  • Massage
  • Transmissions
Poster Reiki Intensive 2009


Final results for you

Freedom, openness, willingness, unconditional viewpoint, deep gratitude & a sense of happiness that isnt temporary or transitory, but permanent.
To have eyes you never saw with, ears you never heard with & a mind that does what it is supposed to do, support you.
The enlightened viewpoint or enlightenment. (if you so wish to use such a term).
Simple, direct, the final stage of growing up.

Continuation on mind & body 2...

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