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Esoteric & Exoteric

Mark speaks of his personal experiences:
Religion is confusing, complex & a force that just about effects everyone.
Irrespective of denomination, religion is meant to be the base teaching of love & good relationship with fellow folks & the environment, with a viewpoint towards a god or philosophy isn't it?
& yet religion is the cause of so much confusion, hatred & destruction.

We don't have to look far in modern history to see that, let alone what went on say 600 years ago. Different religions, same stories.
One wonders what this whole subject is about? Dare I say it's theatre?

Something in our genes needs'' belief systems, gods & demons. Charming or bloody crazy?
Vague answers don't help, & then, the whole subject of religion verses spirituality is perhaps a serious question you may find yourself asking.
Thankfully Perfect Pitch is totally independent of all of this theatre.
The structure here: keep it simple!

Tricky & Dodgy?

Both religion & spirituality are a tricky world, because they have several if not many different meanings, factions & ideas.
It all depends on who you talk to & where in the world you come from.
If you have a 'belief structure' that alters the way you see life, you might be encouraged to look again & ask: is it true? Religions have rules.
A host of do's & don'ts, what can be & what can not. Prejudice is rife.
Since when did any god favour men over women, or white over black, or gay over straight etc. What an idea!
Isn't it total common sense that religions are man made? Dodgy indeed.
Any intelligent transcended individual will see all of these subjects as human constructs.
God (or what ever name you wish to use) knows nothing of good or bad, right or wrong, light or dark, this or that, because all of those things are 'God'.
To use a bit of jargon, this is an absolute (beyond time & space).
It is totally logical & clear if you are willing to look again.

Suffering is unnecessary

For myself, I have a great respect of other people's belief structures.
But when I find individuals suffering from a belief that 'they are not good enough' or
'pure enough' or that they fear that some God will punish them in an afterlife because
they are gay, or a woman who got divorced, then all I can see is suffering & punishment where suffering & punishment are totally unnecessary but only based on a human belief structure.
This is where religion goes too far. What to do?

Find out for yourself of course. The only truth is 'your' truth, start there!
But remembe: it is 'your truth' & others are as free in choice as you are.
Always be suspicious of anyone who claims to know 'The Truth'.
Such people or organisations are as much a danger to themselves as to those
they try to influence.

Your truth is the only truth.
Find out what that means


Being Beyond

To stand beyond archaic belief structures, to have a clear viewpoint of all that is going on (to be well informed) & to be ruthlessly honest will keep you free from such distractions & suffering. To see when something is real or to see something is just a constructed story that has been believed in.

Being beyond requires a structure called transparency (total honesty) & an un-conditional viewpoint.
Once this viewpoint is seen, there is a total freedom still within the constricts of everyday life. You can name it a transcended viewpoint or enlightenment.
So it is.

Poster Reiki Intensive 2009

What is Transcendence?

The centre of practice is to look at the individual identity that we all hold, called "me".
You will find the root of this idea in your mind. It can be pointed to as the "I am"
In other words, I am this, I am that, I feel this, I feel that.
In our enquiry we take a good look at our opinions, both negative & positive. How those opinions affect our relationship with those around us, both within our families & beyond. We look at how we relate to life in its entirety.
Investigations take place into why various patterns keep repeating time & time again. As said, these are all mind based.
I would remind us that this practice has a lot to do with just growing up.
& continu to say that life development cannot take place until the luggage that you carry with you from your past is seen & disposed of.
All of it! So far so, that it no longer even exists in the marrow of your bones.
Only then, at that point something new opens up in your life that will amaze you. Transcendence.
All you have to do here is dedicate time & effort to yourself, because by being the change you want to see, this allows just that to happen.

Personal Approach

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Mark Hans can advise you according to your personal wishes and needs.

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