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  Rei Ki Mark Hans    
Rei Ki by Mark Hans


There are many interpretations of this word.
For me, to keep it simple I'll explain what the words & symbols means for me.
I will do my best on the following pages as well.

Rei Ki points towards Universal Energy.
It is the subject heading of the ability to channel energy which surrounds us all.
Not always seen or understood, it is an eternal, ever present phenomenon.
Nothing beyond, because when something is complete, nothing is beyond, so just Rei Ki. The founder of modern day Reiki was a Japanese Doctor, Mikao Ushui, who lived around 100 years ago. Today, to be qualified as a Reiki Master (classical), would mean to have extensive knowledge of Universal Energy, its channelling & its inherent power to heal.

For me, Reiki is a life dedication, full time all the time.
Each day the experience deepens, each client I treat is a teaching to me too.
I am open to learn & learn more. The symbols are powerful for sure, maybe because I surround not only myself with them, but use them day in & day out.
Rei Ki is 'the power source of life'

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These Reiki Symbols have been produced for Mark by South African artist, Anthony Evans.
These symbols are available for sale in print or canvas format.
If you'd like to purchase one, or indeed a full set, feel free to send Mark an enquiry. Symbols are supplied in various sizes and are all stamped (signed) by the original artist, Anthony Evans. The full set is on view in Mark's Reiki studio in Amsterdam.

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